The Board

Note: As the NWC has been dissolved, this website will go offline in the summer of 2021.

The last Board of the NWC, that did oversee its orderly dissolution, is presented below.

Bodil Franssen (Chairwoman)

Danish, Occupation: Retired. Formerly translator in the European Commission, then Head of the Danish Department. My reason for  joining NWC originally was to meet other Scandinavian women, enjoying social events and travelling together. My personal “added value” to NWC: Organising events, e.g. lunches/ dinners, filmclub, visits to points of interest.






Forough Karlberg (Vice Chairwoman and Treasurer)  

My name is Forough and I am Swedish-Luxembourgish with Persian roots. I arrived here in the Grand Duchy back in 2003 with my husband and daughter. As she has grown gradually more independent, I’ve become increasingly involved in the Luxembourgish consultancy business, making good use of my PhD in statistics. In my spare time, I like to stay fit in various ways, not the least by taking long walks in the countryside with our beagle. 



Gitte Phillip Clausen (Social media coordinator)

My name is Gitte Phillip Clausen. I am Danish, and came to Luxembourg in 1997. I’m married and have a daughter. For many years I was active in the Danish association here in Luxembourg.