Read about our upcoming events for the Winter/Spring 2019:

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We have quite diverse activities, reflecting on the interest of our members. There are social events such as Ladies’ Lunch or Dinner and Cinema club. On a few occasions we have organized coffee mornings and informative get-togethers in shops or showrooms of Scandinavian entrepreneurs, and this can be rearranged if there is demand.

The Nordic people are known for their belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. The NWC embraces this philosophy through reading groups and information sharing events.

We are also known for caring about nature. We like to go into nature and stroll together no matter what the weather is, and sometimes our dogs can join us too.

Our club wants to promote the knowledge of Luxembourgish history, traditions and institutions through visits to e.g. the Parliament, museums and different religious congregations.

Our event calendar has also included trips for our members, both longer tripsto far-away destinations and shorter trips to neighbouring countries. We would like to revive this kind of activities and we are looking for persons willing to organize trips with us.

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You are welcome to contact the board for any questions, comments or suggestions concerning events at: